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BPA Safe Solutions™ is formulated using high quality skin and essentail oils renowned for their unique qualities. Contains Extra Vitamin E.

Size : 1 x 10ml


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BPA Piercing Aftercare® is suitable for all skin types. It is a fantastic versatile product which lubricates the piercing making it easier to clean. It is applied to the skin using an internal dropper which allows controlled hygienic use.

BPA Piercing Aftercare® can be applied to all kind of exterior piercings from ears, navel to dermal implants. It can also be used while stretching lobes.

It contains a perfect blend of active natural plant ingredients and vitamin goodness which nourish and enrich the skin.

This gentle but very effective aftercare is easily absorbed and will not tarnish jewellery.
It contains no parabens, is vegan friendly and is approved by Cruelty Free International. (Not tested on animals).

  • Easily absorbed

  • Gentle and effective

  • Convenient applicator

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • No parabens

  • Extra Vitamin E


BPA Safe Solutions™ is applied to the skin using an internal dropper allowing for controlled, hygienic usage Cleanse the piercing as instructed by the piercer. Apply one drop to the pierced area and skin. Gently massage in any excess oil to the surrounding skin. BPA can also be used to help clean and soften the skin. Apply 2-4 times a day as required and then thereafter as needed. BPA is for use on all external piercings from ears, navels to dermal implants. (Do not use on genitals and tongue).


The Aftercare Company use a combination of key ingredients that gives a unique recipe blend for their signature products.

Sunflower Oil In skin care products, sunflower oil is one of the favourite softening emollients. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and especially in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Sunflower oil has a light texture and is easily absorbed by skin.
Vitamin E Vitamin E is highly effective in skin care products.  It will soften, moisturise and hydrate the skin.  The use of vitamin E also slows down the oxidation process which helps the overall product last significantly longer.
Lavender Lavender is nature's most versatile aromatic plant, and has been used throughout history.  It is renowned for its use in  beauty products and folk medicine. In skin care products it is an effective moisturiser and will soften the skin.
Tea Tree Tea Tree oil is a great anti-oxidant.  It controls the free radicals in the body and boosts the production of collagen.  It is very mild on the skin and a fantastic moisturiser.
Niaouli Niaouli is from the same family as Tea Tree and has a long history of use by different cultures all around the world.  It is widely used in skin care preparations and mixes well with Lavander and Tea Tree creating a synergy of essential oils that benefit the skin.
Vitamin E Vitamin E is highly effective ingredient in skin care products.  It will soften, moisturise and hydrate the skin. The use of Vitamin E also slows down the oxidation process which helps the overall product last significantly longer naturally.

The blend of Lavender, Tea tree and Niaouli was chosen because the properties, of each oil, when combined with the others created a synergy that provides benefits to the skin greater than the qualities of each oil on its own.

Piercing Aftercare® contains No Chemical or Paraben Preservatives

It is preserved naturally using nature's shelf life (18 months).

All ingredients come from organic based materials originating from sustainable or cultivated crops

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  1. starsFights infection and lubricates, keeps piercings 8n tip top shape. Review by Janet Symonds

    This stuff is fantastic, it works for piercings and any minor scratch or graze. I wouldn’t be without it.

  2. starsReally helpful! On my second bottle now! Review by BlessedFluffaduff

    It really helps using this after cleaning to keep the new navel piercing happy. Like other reviews said, any redness or swelling goes away overnight after applying this after cleaning. Smells really lovely, so easy to use, just one drop each time, keeps wound from being infected, keeps it moisturized and out of trouble.

  3. however this solution got rid of it in less than a week amazing!! Review by Dave

    This solution is incredible I thought I would have a bump on my nose piercing forever, however this solution got rid of it in less than a week amazing!!

  4. Amazing oil! Healing, care and stretching! Review by Adam Tempest

    Amazing oil! I got given this free after a couple of piercings and love it. If your skin ever gets irritated around a piercing(say the bit behind a ball) this will fix it super quick after just one use. I also use this as lube/care when stretching my ears and its perfect. Good for cleaning dried on gunk off of jewelry too.

    Has lasted ages but found it again because I am almost at the end of my bottle and want to get exactly the same stuff again

  5. Healed piercing quickly Review by Susan

    Works when nothing else did to reduce swelling and heal piercing

  6. Exellent Review by Ann


  7. Perfect Review by Ralphwh


  8. Brilliant stuff!! Review by Catherin Wendt

    I have used both the tattoo and the body piercing aftercare products and I wouldn't use anything else now, nor would I recommend anything else!
    Easy to apply, soothing and moisturising and it helps with that horrid healing itch!
    Even my first aid kit at home has these products in now.

  9. Very good thanks Review by simon coles

    Very good thanks

  10. Great Stuff! Review by Janet

    I bought this when I got my nipple pierced, however when I ran out and therefore stopped using it my piercing stopped healing and has started to trouble me. I am therefore buying another bottle and will keep using for as long as it takes :-)

  11. Great Product Review by Sarah

    Thanks to The Aftercare Company UK, your products are great. Your BPA worked great on my navel piercing. Just had my nose pierced so ordered another bottle

  12. BPA = WOW! Review by Shona

    Hi Guys your product is excellent, sure you know that but thought i'd just let you know. My piercing settled in only a few days after being pulled by my belt, navel piercing. Will keep it handy always, thank you again. Shona xx

  13. AMAZING stuff!! Review by Katrina B.

    Hi I just thought I’d drop you a line or 2 to say how much I LOVE your piercing aftercare, BPA. AMAZING stuff, well done to whoever got this absolutely right, THANK YOU

  14. Best product to us Review by Cat

    Great products, i have been telling lots of people i know to try out your products over here in the US.

  15. Really worked! Review by Natalie

    Hey... I was offered your piercing aftercare for a really infected swollen Conch peircing. The man insited that there would be no swelling or pain after one week of application. The truth was said.. It was fully healed in 2 weeks.... after one month of infction. Thank you... gotta buy some more for the new peircing now!

  16. Wow! Review by Katie

    I bought some of your BPA and I am wowed by how it has worked for me.
    My piercing has healed so fast and so well thanks to this that I'd recommend it to anyone.
    Such a good price as well. Great that it's veggie.