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Modesty and Tattooing Professionalism

I had some work done on my Tattoo this weekend by the talented Gerry Carnelly of Octopus Tattoo. The area being tattooed was up over my buttock so I was lying for three hours with my very bare bum faced towards him. Now given the area, the rest of my modesty was protected but for many females this is still a huge thing.  Not my ass hopefully but the fact it was bared.  I however at no time felt uncomfortable which was due to the professionalism of the artist involved and the fact he was a gentleman by nature.

This has led me to think about the professionalism of Tattoo Artists which I sometimes think goes unnoticed.  The level of care they give their customers with regards modesty, feeling comfortable and at ease I think can surpass the kind of care you can receive by some doctors. In fact most of my visits to a doctor/hospital have left a degree of awkwardness yet I have never felt uncomfortable in a Tattoo studio.  I think this is professionalism shown in its most true form and an example other professionals might like to learn from.

One thing, however, that I did discover that no other part of my body being tattooed brought about the pain sensation that being tattooed on my bum created. That was something else! And it is with thanks again to Gerry that I survived it J



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