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Protect the long term quality of your Tattoo by using Tattoo Aftercare®  The first triple action aftercare.
Soften, Moisturise, Maintain

Size : 1 x 10g


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Winner of the first ever Gold Award from the BUAV, Tattoo Aftercare® has been protecting artists work since 2000.

Applied to tattoos, Tattoo Aftercare® will soften, nourish and moisturise the skin.

This start to finish aftercare will enhance and preserve the vivacity and brightness of ink thereby protecting the boldness of black and vibrancy of colours. When used on older tattoos it will vitalise and rejuvenate the skin which will aid the brightness of an older tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare® is rich in vitamins A, D and E which support healthy skin. The emollients it contains hydrate and moisture the skin whilst the essential fatty and linoleic acids nourish and soothe maximising the benefits of using this triple action aftercare.

Tattoo Aftercare® contains a synergy of ingredients that will care for your skin for the life of your tattoo. It is suitable for your skins changing requirements after tattooing, which means you only need to purchase one product.

The early care shown to tattooed skin is paramount to how that tattoo will look in years to come.

"I think all in I have used 4 different creams and yours is definitely the best now that time has had a factor in my ink" Customer Testimonial

  • Unique Formula

  • Maintains colour vibrancy

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • No Petroleum

  • No Parabens

  • Extra Vitamin E


Use a small amount, a light film 2-4 times a day. Less is more with Tattoo Aftercare® – use sparingly and it will last a long time. Gently massage into the skin.


Use daily as an excellent skin nourishing ointment. Tattoo Aftercare® contains ingredients and vitamins that continue to enhance your skin, keeping it feeling fresh, the colours vibrant and blacks bold.


Use on older ink work to replenish and vitalise the skin. One product for the life of your tattoo.


The Aftercare Company use a combination of key ingredients that gives a unique recipe blend for their signature products.

Sunflower Oil In skin care products, sunflower oil is one of the favourite softening emollients. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and especially in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Sunflower oil has a light texture and is easily absorbed by skin.
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) Olive oil was the original beauty treatment. Its chemical free nature makes it suitable for those who have allergic reactions. Emollients containing olive oil are useful in treating dry and chapped skin. It is a good skin soother and source of Vitamin E.
Calendula Calendula’s is a useful and versatile product to keep in the first aid kit. The unique benefits of Calendula makes this multi-purpose solution ideal for everyday use: moisturising, nourishing and protecting the skin all year round.
Beeswax Beeswax acts as an emulsifier and is nourishing to skin. It is a natural moisturiser and will soften the skin. Beeswax leaves a breathable barrier on the skin allowing it to retain essentail moisture to rejuvenate and enrich the skin.
Vitamin E Vitamin E is a  highly effective ingredient in skin care products.  It will soften, moisturise and hydrate the skin. The use of Vitamin E slows down the oxidation process which helps the overall product last significantly longer naturally.
Lavender Lavender is nature's most versatile aromatic plant,and has been used throughout history. It is renowned for its use in beauty products and folk medicine. In skin care products it is an effective moisturiser and will soften the skin.
Tea Tree Tea Tree is a great anti-oxidant. It controls the free radicals in the body and boosts the production of collagen.  It is very mild on the skin and a fantastic moisturiser.
Niaouli Niaouli is from the same family as Tea Tree and has a long history of use by different cultures all around the world.  It is widely used in skin care preparations and mixes well with Lavender and Tea Tree creating a synergy of essential oils that benefit the skin.

The blend of Lavender, Tea tree and Niaouli was chosen because the properties, of each oil, when combined with the others created a synergy that provides benefits to the skin greater than the qualities of each oil on its own. This blend was then added to a mix of vegetable oils that nurture, moisturise and soften the skin.

Tattoo Aftercare® contains No Chemical or Paraben Preservatives
It is preserved naturally using nature’s shelf life (18 months).
All ingredients come from organic based materials originating from sustainable or cultivated crops

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  1. Brilliant tattoo aftercare balm!!! Review by Sara Amstrong

    Brilliant tattoo aftercare balm!!! Customer service excellent too!! I am converted no more goopy nappy cream!!!!

  2. A++ Great Quality Review by Mandy Ridley

    A++ Great Quality. Thank You

  3. great stuff Review by kayla

    I had my first tattoo for years the other day and the first since developing a chronic pain conditions among other things it causes pain to be felt more and it was on the wrist to i was worried about aftercare cos with my other to the itching was crazy but years back i was told to keep it clean n let it heal naturally i spoke to the tattooist who was great and he gave me a pot of tattoo aftercare he said you only needba tiny ammount and if im honest i had big reservations takinf the fibro into account but this stuff is amazing my tattoos not totally healed but im so gladhe gave me this its not itching so far by now with the other two id get sent mad!!!theres some scabbing but its not dry cracked and really raised in 3 days given that people with fibro take longer to heal has come on really well i will keep using it to maintain the tattoo and definetly on others i have and lets face it if louis malloy is using it it cant be bad im a customer for life !!