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  1. Wash your hands

  2. Use plain warm water to wash your tattoo.

  3.  Pat dry using a paper towel or clean hand towel. Allow to air dry.

  4.  Apply a small amount, a light film, of  TATTOO AFTERCARE® 

  5. Gently massage into the skin.

  6. Do not re-cover

  7.  Wash the tattoo again at night with warm water and apply another fine layer of aftercare.

  8. Apply 3-4 times a day to keep the skin supple and moisturised


  1. Wear clothes that rubs or chafes your skin

  2. Soak your skin in water for the first four weeks. i.e.  Swimming, sauna, water sports.  Showering is okay.

  3. Scratch or pick your Tattoo.

  4. Expose your tattoo to the sun or sunbeds. Apply a high factor 30 – 50 sunscreen to protect your tattoo colours. The sun is the greatest enemy of all tattoo colours and will do more damage fading them than anything else you do.

For more information about looking after your tattoo, FAQ's, Reactions and Infections, Long term care - click here