About Us

About our company

The Aftercare Company (Registered McHattie Enterprises) was founded in 2000 after owner Shirley McHattie had her first Tattoo. Shirley’s tattoo artist advised her to use Prep H to heal her skin. Shirley who was a qualified aromatherapist, nurse and natural health practitioner decided to use her knowledge and made a blend using her own recipe to heal her tattoo.

She then started researching what tattoo aftercare was available and being almost pre-google days this meant going to libraries and making lots of phone calls. Shirley discovered apart from a fledgling company in the US no-one was making an aftercare specifically to heal the skin after a Tattoo. This led Shirley to develop and test her own product recipe.

Working from home with only £400 start-up capital, two daughters and a one-year old son, Tattoo Aftercare® was created.

Even in the early days this was a family business, with her daughters helping label and pack boxes. As each year passed The Aftercare Company grew in size and strength and now supplies 6 main brands, Tattoo Aftercare®, Tattoo Aftercare Vegan®,  BPA Piercing Aftercare®, Laser Aftercare® , Microblading Aftercare®, Natural Balm® which are sold to individuals and studios worldwide.

The company remains a true family business. Shirley and her family have always treated the business as the fourth child, and they have nurtured and loved it every step of the way. Every customer is treated with care and consideration, and they hope you enjoy using her products as much as they do making them.


All  products are produced in Laurencekirk, Scotland, and with the workshop situated at the edge of the Grampian Mountains; it is an ideal location for blending natural products.
Their  manufacturing facility complies fully with the Good Manufacturing Standard, a trade certificate of excellence. Using only the highest quality ingredients from nature’s abundant pharmacopeia, they guarantee that their skin care products are 100% natural. None of these Aftercare products contain paraben preservatives, petroleum, lanolin, food colours or nut oils.


The Aftercare Company sales office is based in Wirral, UK.
Orders can be taken there from individual customers, studios or salons either by calling direct or by simply placing an order online. 
The Aftercare Company also works with many established UK and International distribution companies who stock our products. 

The Aftercare Company is always open for new or established distributors around the globe to help expand their network further, so if you would like more information on stocking their products, please email all enquires to Shirley@theaftercarecompany.com


Awards & Accolades

  • 2003/2004 Specialist Skincare Brand of the Year – Prestige Awards
  • 2022/2023 Global Awards – Tattoo Aftercare of the year - UK
  • 2021/2022 Livewire Global Awards - Tattoo Aftercare Company of the Year
  • 2020 UK Enterprise Awards - Best Sustainable Skincare Family Business 2020
  • 2020 UK Enterprise Awards - Tattoo Aftercare Product Brand of the Year 2020
  • 2020 UK Enterprise Awards - Best Sustainable Skincare Family Business 2020
  • 2015 A1 Business Excellence Awards Skin Care Range of the Year
  • 2015 Nominated Businesswoman of the Year – Cheshire
  • 2012 Bronze Award for best innovative product from Britain’s Best Business Awards
  • The Aftercare Company was selected as one of the top 100 companies to go forward to the 2010 Barclays Trading Places Awards
  • Shirley was a finalist in the Women in Business category in Cheshire Business Awards 2005, and Northwest Woman in Business 2008
  • She was also nominated for Cheshire Woman of the year 2008 for professional Achievement.
  • The Tattoo Aftercare® recipe won the first ever Golden Bunny award from the BUAV in 2005

Community Projects

The Aftercare works with https://lendwithcare.org/ providing micro loans and grants to entrepreneurs in low-income countries to help them start up or grow their businesses.
We were part of a program providing grants to directly support low-income families most at risk of climate change while also helping to bring down CO2 emissions.
We are sponsors of a child and their family enabling the child and family to access school and health benefits.
We support the activities of Avaaz.
We support the UK Air ambulance service.