No Animal Testing

Product Testing

At THE AFTERCARE COMPANY, the safety and effectiveness of our products are of utmost importance.

All our products have undergone clinical studies with a 100% effective result, and the following claims are substantiated for all products: Dermatologically tested, clinically tested, kind to skin, mild for skin, and safe for skin.

We do not use water in any of our products, which eliminates the need for harmful preservatives, bulking fillers, or thickening agents.

Our products contain pure ingredients, which ensure high-quality standards for our customers while helping us use less packaging.

So, remember, with our products, less is more.

Against Animal testing

BUAV bunny

The Aftercare Company has never tested any of their products on animals nor has any ingredient used in their products been tested on animals.

The Aftercare Company won the first ever Golden Bunny Award by the BUAV for our Tattoo Aftercare product recipe.

Why there is no need for cosmetic testing

Animal tests for cosmetics are not specifically required by law. Companies are obliged to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of their products before being granted regulatory approval, but that can be achieved by using available approved non-animal test methods plus combinations of established ingredients for which safety data already exist.