Environmental and Recycling Policy

The environmental and recycling policy of The Aftercare Company is to ensure as far as it is reasonably practicable, we will do our utmost to help protect the environment and recycle where we can.

As an office we know that we generate waste paper products and we aim to continuously improve with our re-use of paper, recycling and reduction of paper use. We aim to always be aware of how we can improve on recycling our packaging and cut down on waste.

What we do

We reuse all off our transport boxes as stock arrives by using them to deliver stock.
We use online filing systems to cut down on paper waste.
Where possible we use recycled or ecologically friendly paper.
We use “waste” paper for notepads unless confidentiality may be compromised.
We recycle paper, cardboard and ink cartridges.
We manage waste generated by business operations according to the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling.

Our product packaging can be recycled

We use recycled GD2- carton board which is typically made from multiple layers of recycled fibres.